Squonk Pin & Copper Post for Bosun


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Product Description

This is for the Squonkers out there.  I left the hollow post long because it works well with the depth of the deck. Two post rdas are a dream for a squonk setup. If you aren’t familiar with the conversion, simply remove the positive post from your Bosun by unscrewing it counterclockwise, slip the pin and the post, detach the hollow pin from the modded copper post and install the copper post. Tighten the squonk pin through the bottom of the atty and enjoy. Make sure the peek insulators remain in place.


A couple of words about copper:

I had to mod these posts by hand and I used the copper post because copper is soft and easier with a power drill (yeah, I’m sophisticated). Consequently, you’ll want to be careful with installing and removing the hollow screw. It’s a solid post, but don’t over-torque because the SS is stronger. Also, because the positive post is copper, you’ll want to make a periodic effort to keep the post clean. That goes for all copper posts; although I’m sure you knew that. Cheers.