Joplin’s First Vapor Supply store.

Mt. Vernon’s Only Vapor Supply store.

Pittsburg’s Premiere Vapor Supply store.

SWMO Vape Shop took root like many other vape shops in early 2013. A family with mature cigarette addictions discovered a viable alternative. After finding success with vapor products and also dismayed at the poor availability of products at the time, an experiment in a local flea market blossomed into a neighborhood phenomenon while our new friends became more alive and vibrant each time they returned to reup on supplies. Eventually, the Laverne Miller Trust offered us an amazing Main Street space where our shop has stood for over five years.

A year into our entrepreneurial adventure, some friends in the Mt. Vernon area brought our attention to the community need in Mt. Vernon, MO. With some committment and leg work, a group of four friends grew both businesses through the vapor boom into a solid brand.

The following year, a Kansan friend who had been working in Pittsburg vapor stores and later in a popular Joplin vapor supply store presented a similar conundrum. Pittsburg is a small town, but the north end of town lacked a home vape shop, thus All Day Vape was born.

Over the past year, we’ve watched nine local vape stores in our region pop up and fail. It’s been a wild ride while the market has figured out what stores its going to keep around. We feel lucky to still be here and we work hard to keep our standards high. We’ve also watched the vapor movement grow a little less aggressively as vaping normalizes into the mainstream and products become more safe, functional, and reliable. Consequently, most of your surviving early vapor stores have branched out into new fields. We receive a lot of questions regarding whether or not we sell CBD products. We do not. We do not sell glass pipes either. We are not a pain management store nor are we a head shop and we never will be. SWMO Vape Shop is quite content to bring the best vapor supplies for alternative methods of nicotine delivery and we are still very excited about emerging trends in that technology.