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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have news about some upcoming Bo’sun atty developments. This week I hope to be adding ABS (delrin) top afc caps that will serve as the upper airflow control ring and present the greatest available airflow with the atomizer assembled with the deck head in place. This piece has been puzzling me for sometime as we’ve been unable to find a way to properly mill the piece we need at a price that was remotely feasible. My buddy Ed at put his head to it and after plenty of trial has made a strong, attractive, functional cap out of medical grade delrin.

Another shipment of Bo’sun RDAs is pending delivery and QC. This next run will include polished SS caps, Black caps, and in a last minute decision, I’ve determined to media blast a handful of caps that will look amazing.

Drafting has begun on a 25mm Bo’sun rda and it will include some changes to accommodate for the larger deck to ensure similar or better performance with the broader span. The 25mm Bo’sun will be capable of doing more of what the 22 does and it’s going to look sexy as hell. I don’t want to give too much away and my doodles look really weird, but I’m confident it will work well.


As an aside, I’d like to state the Bo’sun has always been geared toward flavor chasers. I don’t want to move the Bo’sun away from it’s intended purpose, and the more tweaking I do to its design I feel that’s what I’d be creating if I keep making changes. I want a cloud chuckin’ RDA too though and I think I’ve hit on a design for it that’s so basic it’s going to be extremely difficult to make, but it’s feasible. More on that later.